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Vidas Salavejus & Aaron Wise

Detective Andrews is called to a residence after a call is placed to dispatch regarding a disturbance. Upon entering everything seems fine until you discover a strange letter that takes you to an alternate world where you must fight for your life & escape the horrors from within. 

WASD - Move
Left Mouse - Shoot
Right Mouse - Melee
Shift - Sprint
Space - Jump
E - Interact

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Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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Hey, I know this is itch, but I am experiencing a major bug on the Switch version and didn't know how else to reach out. Whenever I start the game, my controller disconnects, turns off, and won't reconnect. This happens before any of the loading screens. I can't even go back to the home menu without undocking and using connected joycons. If I do so, my controller is able to connect again, even without closing the game. But if I reopen the game (either after having shut it down or not), the controller disconnects again.


EDIT: It is happening with Daardoa too ๐Ÿ˜” fwiw, it doesn't happen with Parasomnia.

EDIT II: This is really weird, it just happened with another game from a completely different dev (The Room). Went back to Parasomnia to double-check, and while the controller doesn't disconnect, it seems the sticks don't seem to work. I played it successfully about a month ago, no problems. Thought it might be the controller, but I opened a game that was working earlier today (Furi), and it works fine. Not sure how much of this is on you guys, but I'd appreciate any help if you've got ideas.

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This Game was fun :),  I really enjoyed it, I wish the game told me the trees had the healing items in it. But Overall really good game :)
cant wait for more :)

Here's my video >>>>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ5sDicy8go 

Thanks for playing!

Sadly never got to try this game before the download said the file doesn't exist, but looks like a lot of work was put into it so I'll give credit for that

The file doesn't exist? I just checked it. It's all there buddy. Maybe try again.

I also can't download it. I want to play this game but it says theres nothing here and I should check if its the correct URL. :(

Sincerest apologies about this. I have just updated the folder. It should now be available for you. 

Hope you enjoy the game : )

I can download it now. However I can't fully unzip the folders. I tried every single one of them and there were always the same 12 errors. I use 7zip as tool because Windows didn't let me unzip the folders at all. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's the folders. 

If you right-click on the smaller file & extract once you have every file in the same folder it will work. Have you tried installing WinRar its a much better extracting tool & its free. The Daemonum.zip should be the one you need. The other files are just part of the archive & it has to be that specific one to unzip. Please let me know

Apologies about the issue. It appears the file was still there but moved from its root location. The file is back up now & will allow you to download. 


oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Mr. Wiiiiiiiiiiisssse. I have a video for you!!! you and Vidas put out another great game!

Oh thanks so much!


What a spooky and insanely well done game, made me feel so uncomfortable the whole time. The music and atmosphere is truly captivating. :-)  <3

Awww thank you so muchhhhhh!


Hey Vidas, Aaron & Matt, thanks so much for making this game! I missed playing your games for quite some time now and I had a blast with it. The VA was fantastic, the music and ambiance too. Iยดd rather fight the big monster than being constantly chased by the tiny one. Also... popping bubble blood trees??  Keep up the great work!

and am

Thanks for playing Anii!!!!!


Thanks Anii!!!!!


OMG, This was such a Great game to welcome me back to the Indie Horror Space. I highly suggest playing this one,  to anyone that lives for the feeling of being constantly stalked, chased and HUNTED! thanks for the great game. 


Thanks so much for p[laying Drew. You are awesome!


Oh hey man, thanks for playing our game!


Really enjoyed playing this. Finally a maze I can handle (also sorry Vidas, Aaron made me do it)

Thanks for playing Derek ๐Ÿ˜


Thanks for playing Derek! Love the thumbnail. Who is it? Mwahaha






Guys congrats! You made something awesome and generally quite scary. I watched Adrionic play and I was sweating with him the entire time!

Thanks so much for the kind words!

Haha thanks a lot!


I loved this game so much. I left you a rating of 5 stars!


We love you!

Literally NO U


By far one of the best collabs we have done. It came out great & that music by Vidas **MWAH CHEF KISS** make sure you all listen to the soundtrack!




The game by Aaron and Vidas? Where do I sign with my blood lol!? 

This was action packed and surely excellent game with unique style and super reddish vibes, the classic Vidas! 

Story was somewhat interesting, but mostly I loved the collaboration of 2 devs, who I've always looked up to. You inspire making games and enjoying horror more and more. 

Hope to see sequel or maybe a continuation of some sort. 


Thanks Niven!
Really appreciate the kind words :)
Glad you liked it

You are the best Niven!

Thanks Aaron!! 

No you are the best! Lol ๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you so much!

It was so interesting making this game with Aaron, glad everyone so far is enjoying it! ๐Ÿค˜





Nah bro. It was interesting making the game with YOU! Let's do this again soon :)

How about TOMORROW!

Here have a speedrun

Thanks for checking out Daemonum. Appreciate you playing. Left you a comment & a like

So fast

WOW! Loved it! Thanks for the video

As always, a fantastic game by these devs! The style was unsettling, the gameplay was challenging, and the enemy was terrifying. The quality speaks for itself, it's obvious that a lot of care went into creating this game. Fantastic work!

Thanks so much for playing Adrionic! Love the video.


Thank you Adrionic!

DUUUUUUUUDE! Amazing! Thanks so much for playing! The video was awesome as always

Stuck in a room with a present. Can only interact with object in trunk and nothing else. Bugged? 

Not bugged. Look on the floor by the table.

Yeah what Aaron said. There is an item laying on the floor. Pick that up then check the hand in the box again

Yep yep yep


Really unique and interesting game. Had a lot of spooks! Would definitely recommend. Enjoyed from start to finish.


Thanks so much for playing! Appreciate it :)

Thanks for playing our game!

Thanks for playing our game bud!